Workation hubs to build bonds in the remote work formula

An example worth following is how Netguru took care of building social bonds and employee belonging, in the formula of remote work. The employees received an opportunity located in the beautiful surroundings of pure nature.

NetGuru is a company that works fully in a remote formula. Last year, the company significantly expanded its team by another 400 people. In order to overcome the dark sides of remote work, the greatest of which are weakened social ties and a lack of a sense of belonging, it has been proposed to create “workation hubs” that will enable integration, building bonds, and friendships between employees. Aleksandra Paszkiewicz, Head of People at NetGuru explained the idea of ​​the project and the rules of using the houses.

What are the terms of use?

🔆These two beautiful and atmospheric houses are located in Kashubia and Masuria.

🔆There is a space inside for both – collaborative, and quiet work.

🔆Each of the company’s employees has the opportunity to book a 5-7 day stay.

🔆Bookings are made by the entire team, and also by the employees coming from different departments. The company focuses primarily on building relationships between people.

🔆The benefit can also be used by parents with children, on stays where a babysitter is provided.

🔆On long weekends, or around holiday periods, the employees can exceptionally come with their partners.

The solution is currently being tested, but I have already arranged an interview with Aleksandra Paszkiewicz for the “Skrzydlaty HR” podcast, to check the results of this unique experiment.

Monika Ciesielska
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