Deep work as opposed to multitasking

An interesting article was published today by “Rzeczpospolita”. It touches upon the aspect of deep work. What is deep work? It’s the opposite of multitasking. It’s about working in full concentration on performing one task, excluding distractions such as telephone or email. Our brain is not doing well with switching from one task to the next. Therefore, the multitasking way of working requires an enormous energy effort from us.

June Huh, professor of mathematics at Princeton University, works three hours a day. Maximum, continuous concentration on one task over a short period of time puts him in a “flow” state, which in turn allows him to complete the task faster and with less effort (while distractions are cut off).

The capabilities of our brain are fascinating. However, do we have the ability to do so?

Despite many doubts, I plan to test this model on myself today. If any of you also make this attempt, I invite you to share the result of the experiment.

Monika Ciesielska
President at IMSA Search Global Partners. An experienced consultant in the recruitment of the management staff, including board members, and a leader of the recruiting team in the IT/Tech area. Enthusiast of digital transformation of HR processes. Podcaster at "Skrzydlaty HR" and "Top Leaders Club".
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