A great return to the offices. Remote work in reverse?

Remote work is going through the fastest transformation in business history. Marginalized for years and treated as a privilege, it has become the new normal in the pandemic. Employers wrote in the media about their newly acquired flexibility and bright sides of task-based cooperation.

Meanwhile, Meta – a giant in the IT industry, changed its mind about remote work. The biggest proponents of working from home have just announced that from September 5, office workers are to be present in the office three times a week. Although Meta does not expect a change in the work model from employees working one hundred percent remotely (at least for now), those employees who worked in the hybrid model have just received new “hybrids by Meta” instructions.

And so, once again, the discussion opens whether remote work should be the norm or a privilege? Meta is one of many examples of employers who have set similar expectations for their teams. The trend of returning to offices is very clear.

We had many debates about the individual approach to the employee. Where have we gotten in these conversations? Personally, I’m a huge fan of the hybrid because I understand the severity of the effects of notorious seclusion. However, this is my subjective opinion and feelings that result from my professional experience, the nature of my work, my personality type, as well as the need and willingness to work in a team.

Each of us may have completely different feelings and needs. What are your?

Monika Ciesielska
President at IMSA Search Global Partners. An experienced consultant in the recruitment of the management staff, including board members, and a leader of the recruiting team in the IT/Tech area. Enthusiast of digital transformation of HR processes. Podcaster at "Skrzydlaty HR" and "Top Leaders Club".
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