Job crafting – how to achieve happiness in your work?

Can you turn a boring, repetitive, uninspired job that brings you closer to burnout every day into a job you love?

This is the claim of the creators of the concept of job crafting, professors Amy Wrzeniewski and Jane Dutton, who have devoted the last two decades to researching a skill that we can loosely call – job modeling.

📌 How to take the bull by the horns using job crafting?

1️⃣ Transforming tasks – performing the duties assigned to us in a different way or to a different extent.
2️⃣ Transforming relationships – focusing on interpersonal contacts, allowing you to build satisfying bonds with colleagues or clients.
3️⃣ Cognitive transformation – redefining my role in the organization and finding its meaning – what do my actions bring to my colleagues, the organization and its environment?

📌 An important element of effective job crafting is that the employee takes the initiative, without waiting for the supervisor to give him/her instructions.

The benefits you can gain from modeling your work include:
✳️ improving work results/efficiency,
✳️ increasing pleasure,
✳️ skill development,
✳️ increasing your overall ability to cope with work.

By subtly reshaping your work, you can leverage your strengths, improving both your job satisfaction and efficiency. You shift the focus at work to the things you can do really well, rather than those where your performance may be weaker.

📌 Job crafting will allow you to increase control over your professional life and may become an antidote to burnout.

Have you experienced this type of “rearrangement” of the scope of responsibility? Perhaps realized unconsciously and intuitively?

Monika Ciesielska
President at IMSA Search Global Partners. An experienced consultant in the recruitment of the management staff, including board members, and a leader of the recruiting team in the IT/Tech area. Enthusiast of digital transformation of HR processes. Podcaster at "Skrzydlaty HR" and "Top Leaders Club".
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