When people are involved
with all their diversity,
the only constant aspect is change.
That makes the HR world so addictive.
Dear You!

I am an instant learner and a traveler through the human capital world. An expert optimizing recruitment processes. I build and develop HR in scaling organizations.

My expertise can be divided into four areas:

1. I optimize and develop HR processes in scaling organizations.
2. I build HR processes in startups from scratch.
3. I audit and optimize the recruitment process in companies of all sizes.
4. I recruit managers and board members.

In each case, the scope of activities depends on the individual condition and needs of the organization.

I have been involved in executive recruitment, running my own practice in Poland under the brand Carpenter Consulting for close to 20 years. I am an active head hunter, recruiting managers, directors and board members, representing diverse areas of expertise and professional experience.

I started working with IMSA Search Global Partners more than a decade ago. We specialize in executive search recruitment, operating through 50 offices, in 30 countries worldwide. In 2017, my business partners elected me President of IMSA Search, which effectively means that I have become the leader of this truly global team of professionals responsible for finding the best talent in the world. I was President for three terms until my resignation, and also the first woman in this position.

Being a constant seeker of new challenges, in 2018 I launched new.doors, a recruiting agency for technical positions. I managed the end-to-end recruitment process, creating and implementing recruitment strategies, leading the talent acquisition team in providing best-in-class support to clients across Europe.

Recently, I have been involved in building a strategic HR approach and optimizing HR processes at the Early Stage. Early Stage consists of 850 schools located around Poland, which are led by franchisees creating a space friendly to children's development. My job includes optimising and developing HR processes as well as establishing new ones.

In addition, I am the Chairman of the Board at Elevato Software, an innovative platform designed to manage HR processes including recruitment, employee assessment and development, talent management.

Privately, I am a girl from the seaside. I try to visit my family home regularly, because I miss the sound of the waves and walks by the sea regardless of the season. I collect contemporary art. There are no more free walls in my apartment for more pieces of art.

My most favorite thing to do is horse riding and I am happiest when I can do this together with my daughter Zosia. We have two lovely horses, Lemon and Marathon, who give us a lot of horse love. Apart from horseback riding, we love swimming, biking, mountain hiking or just lazing around. We read a lot and are huge fans of Narnia and Harry Potter. Our family includes also Czarek, who is an extraordinary cat, that came to us from a shelter.

I invite you to listen to the conversations with my guests on "Skrzydlaty HR" and "Top Leaders Club" podcasts, as well as to read my articles, that reach the group of 30,000 followers on my LinkedIn profile and 10,000 on Instagram.

If you are interested in cooperation, let's talk about it:
T: +48 609 655 633
E: mc@carpenterconsulting.pl

Thank you for your time.


Along with IMSA Search Global Partners, we have been recognized as one of the 40 leading global recruitment players world widely by Hunt Scanlon.
Carpenter Consulting was recognized with the Business Superbrands 2020 title, placing the company alongside the strongest international brands in the Polish market.
For the past 14 years, Carpenter Consulting has been supporting its clients in acquiring and assessing the competencies of C-level executives.