I am an instant learner and a traveler through the human capital world. An expert optimizing recruitment processes. I build and develop HR in scaling organizations.

I'm considering myself a researcher of processes, keen on finding the best way of linking people with the organization, in order to make it inspiring, efficient and a happy workplace. Each time the chosen way is different.

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HR & Recruitment Auditor

Looking for strengths and weaknesses in the recruitment process. Creating and optimizing HR processes in fast-growing organizations.

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Podcasts focused on leadership, human capital, labor market, and personal development, targeted at leaders and employees.

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The articles and posts on the company's culture, recruitment, and leadership, based on the observations made on the international labor market.

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Skrzydlaty HR (HR on wings)


HR on Wings

  • Discover inspiring conversations with HR practitioners, psychologists, lawyers, venture capital investors, startup owners, book authors, and company leaders.
  • Learn about proven solutions and implement those, that are fitting your company, department, or team.
  • Find out how the best employers work and learn what you can expect from them.
  • Stay on top of the HR trends and best practices.
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Mentoring and coaching, and their impact on the organization

Agata Rybarska

Business Mentor and Executive Coach

mentoring is the most effective form of development for people and organizations. On an individual level, it means increased satisfaction and greater self-confidence. People who worked with mentors were up to…

November 04, 2023


Ela Bonda

Head of Property & Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion Lead / NatWest

If our children had the opportunity to learn that the world is different in various aspects, for example in the way our brains function. That one person may have talents in mathematics…

September 28, 2023

A man versus AI

Zofia Dzik

Innovator, Founder/ Humanites Institute

Technological progress is a phenomenon that we have been dealing with for hundreds of years. This time, however, we experience it at an express pace and with high intensity in many spheres of life. We feel subcutaneously that…

September 07, 2023


Joanna Malinowska - Parzydło

Bestselling author, mentor, MBA lecturer / HR Influencers

This conversation is directed to us – women. We discuss what we can do for each other, why it is worth supporting each other, what strength do we have while acting as a group, and how the…

July 07, 2023

Diversity of perspectives

Susanna Romantsova

Founder at DEI Consulting

About the one-dimensional perception of people, the fact that true diversity is hidden in relationships, as well as the importance of messages that reinforce the presence and importance of women’s role, and the impact this can…

June 14, 2023

Dear Employer, what is your carbon footprint?

Jacek Hutyra

Climate Officer at Orange Poland

Why should companies calculate their carbon footprint? Why should we hold employers accountable for actions reducing and compensating for gas emissions into the natural environment? We need to wake up for the young…

May 27, 2023
Skrzydlaty HR (HR on wings)


Top Leaders Club

  • Interviews with leaders of the global labor market.
  • Discussing their professional path, management style, and difficult decisions made during their professional career.
  • The podcast is addressed to employees and leaders at every level of management eager to learn how to achieve professional success.
  • Get inspired in the process of designing your own career path.
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