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Joanna Malinowska - Parzydło

Bestselling author, mentor, MBA lecturer / HR Influencers

This conversation is directed to us – women. We discuss what we can do for each other, why it is worth supporting each other, what strength do we have while acting as a group, and how the…

July 07, 2023

Diversity of perspectives

Susanna Romantsova

Founder at DEI Consulting

About the one-dimensional perception of people, the fact that true diversity is hidden in relationships, as well as the importance of messages that reinforce the presence and importance of women’s role, and the impact this can…

June 14, 2023

Dear Employer, what is your carbon footprint?

Jacek Hutyra

Climate Officer at Orange Poland

Why should companies calculate their carbon footprint? Why should we hold employers accountable for actions reducing and compensating for gas emissions into the natural environment? We need to wake up for the young…

May 27, 2023

Change management

Agnieszka Ert-Eberdt

HR Strategic Advisor, Coach, Mentor and Business Trainer

The change affects the organization, departments, and teams on many levels, in different intensities and sizes. However, it is inevitable. How to properly lead the team through…

April 03, 2023

The art of decision-making

Paweł Motyl

Author of "Labyrinth" and "Schrödinger's World", speaker, coach

We talk about the unpredictable future and the art of decision-making. We’ll start softly with organizations that want to eschew a fragile structure and take on Black Swan Ninjas’ traits. We will…

March 23, 2023

Artificial intelligence in recruitment

Jacek Krajewski

Tech Advisor at elevato

Is it a machine that conducts the selection of the applications? Who did I actually talk to when I first contacted the company? Are recruiters so lazy that AI replaces them? – these are just some of the questions that appeared under…

March 10, 2023

Mom and Dad in the workplace

Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska

Co-Founder at mamopracuj.pl

In our conversation, it sounded that a mother on leave is still an employee and how important it is not to miss it. We will provide specific examples of actions taken by employers who want to…

January 12, 2023

Managing multi-generational teams

Piotr Lipa

HR Director at Uniqa

We found ourselves at a We have reached the point where considerable challenges both among employees and the leaders who manage them. Among the perpetrators of the greatest friction, stereotypical thinking comes first…

December 01, 2022

Agile HR, business best friend

Joanna Rosiek

CEO & Enterprise Agile Coach at ROSIEK Solutions

Before employees become ambassadors of change, they must understand very well what the change is for. You talk about experimenting, about trying, but we know very well that our brain…

November 17, 2022
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