Agile HR, business best friend
Episode #18

Agile HR, business best friend

Interview with: Joanna Rosiek
CEO & Enterprise Agile Coach at ROSIEK Solutions

Agile is clearly associated with the IT industry. So how does it apply to HR? Contrary to appearances, HR departments, just like the IT industry, are based on the development of products with a specific purpose and group of recipients. Onboarding, recruitment, training, performance management – these are all products with a specific purpose and group of recipients.

Joanna Rosiek
Before employees become ambassadors of change, they must understand very well what the change is for. You talk about experimenting, about trying, but we know very well that our brain strives for a certain constancy, for a familiar pattern. We like these schemes, they are convenient for all of us. It's not like we're going to say - We have a new framework and everyone is going "hooray!". There is a natural resistance, and for us to talk about a certain mindset related to experimentation, people first have to ask themselves - why do I need this? and combine it with your own values. And even if I don't have space for this change now because I feel resistance, I have space to express what I'm afraid of and why it's so hard for me. And the next step - I have the right to choose, and this is unfortunately often a nail in the coffin in Polish culture, because allowing autonomy, allowing decision-making, especially at the lower levels, limps.
Joanna Rosiek, CEO & Enterprise Agile Coach at ROSIEK Solutions
Let's talk about how Agile helps HR representatives and employees speak one language. How great it supports transformations, implementation of new processes, and even helps to repair the sometimes slightly tarnished image of HR in the organization.


  • assumptions of the Agile HR Manifesto,
  • how is Agile used in HR?
  • Agile and increasing recruitment efficiency,


  • Agile as a method of balance,
  • developing your own framework,
  • experimenting together with employees,
  • small steps method,
  • a trap of authority and good practices,


  • can Agile change the perception of HR in an organization?
  • exposing the weaknesses of teams, HR, and organizations,
  • Agile transformations – organizational, professional, private.