Artificial intelligence in recruitment
Episode #21

Artificial intelligence in recruitment

Interview with: Jacek Krajewski
Tech Advisor at elevato

Is it a machine that conducts the selection of the applications? Who did I actually talk to when I first contacted the company? Are recruiters so lazy that AI replaces them? – these are just some of the questions that appeared under my post on the automation of HR processes, including recruitment.

How artificial intelligence supports the recruitment process, what are the most frequently used tools, does it matter whether a human or a bot is involved in the recruitment process, and at what stage of the process? All of that is part of the discussion with Jacek Krajewski, HR Tech Advisor in elevato on “HR on Wings” podcast.

Jacek Krajewski
An algorithm, or a tool based on an algorithm, will not replace a human, but a human who uses an algorithm can be replaced by artificial intelligence. What I have in mind is the recruitment process, as an example. If we assume that we will employ people, then we have this so-called 'protein factor', human, emotional factor. There are various studies that indicate the areas of HR that we would most willingly and least willingly give to algorithms. I think we're heading more towards Iron Man and augmentation, or the Recruiter's second brain, where as long as this protein factor is there, repetitive, tedious things, we will give to artificial intelligence. This will result in the emergence of new roles that will be a combination, a hybrid, of man and technology.
Jacek Krajewski, Tech Advisor w elevato
I invite you to a great adventure with artificial intelligence


  • digital transformation in HR – new areas and processes to be automated,
  • are employers ready to digitize HR processes?
  • how do companies plan to cope with the shortage of employees?
  • long-term action plan and agility of change,


  • Voicebot in discussion – examples of applications,
  • candidates’ reactions, and the benefits of automation,
  • will Chatbot replace a human in the recruitment process?
  • human versus algorithm – who do we trust more?
  • is recruitment without humans involved to become the future?
  • the avatar created by the candidate,


  • does using AI in recruitment cut down the bias?
  • HireVue and fired makeup artists Estee Lauder,
  • threats in the use of AI in recruitment,
  • is the profession of Recruiter the profession of the future?