Employer’s brand, personal brand
Episode #30

Employer’s brand, personal brand

Interview with: Paweł Tkaczyk
Brand Strategist, Author of Bestsellers "Zakamarki marki" and "Narratology"

Paweł Tkaczyk is a master of storytelling. I say this from the point of view of an observer of his activities on social media (I die of envy when he summarizes the viewing statistics of his posts every month), and from the point of view of a reader of the book “Narratologia”. I warn you – this is a position for people with strong nerves. You will never hear the fairy tale about “Little Red Riding Hood”, which Paweł turned into a storytelling testing ground, like a story about an innocent girl and a bad wolf. I get chills just remembering this horror.

Our conversation is filled with examples of good practices both in terms of building an employer brand and a personal brand. I can confidently say that I arranged for all of us to have a “consultation with Tkaczyk” that lasted over an hour. Take this knowledge, because it will most likely be useful to you. Harvard Business Review calls stroytelling an essential competency for leaders.

Paweł Tkaczyk
Storytelling is a very good tool when you need to differentiate yourself on a market where you have a product and you have no advantage apart from the story. In the sense that apart from the emotional advantage, you don't really have anything else. Or, there is a second application when your product is difficult to understand and it is really different from others, but understanding this difference requires a lot of mental effort from people. And we can put this difference in the story to make it more attractive. And then, after listening to this story, people will feel the difference and will simply consume it better.
Paweł Tkaczyk says Brand Strategist, Author of Bestsellers "Zakamarki marki" and "Narratology"
I invite you to listen to the conversation about building an employer's brand and an employee's brand. A conversation that expands the understanding of storytelling, which is not limited to influencers.


  • how to build a distinctive organizational culture?
  • why will you fire your client? – what should the story about the company’s values look like?
  • how to design an onboarding experience?
  • how to achieve a situation in which the good employer brand is carried by the employees themselves?


  • when to start building an employee brand, or already during your studies?
  • building own brand awareness – does frequency matter?
  • how to make a professional transition using social media?
  • how to define the success of your own brand? – likes versus customers,


  • character traits and “media success”,
  • storytelling based on a story about a sausage,
  • the algorithm will kill your content,
  • Paweł Tkaczyk’s inspirations.