Episode #26


Interview with: Joanna Malinowska - Parzydło
Bestselling author, mentor, MBA lecturer / HR Influencers

At “HR on Wings” podcast I’m having a conversation with Joanna Malinowska-Parzydło, an advisor in building a premium personal brand, author of books, including the bestseller “You are a brand. How to be successful and remain yourself?”, founder of the Polish Mentoring Association and HR Influencers think tank.


Our conversation is directed to us – women. We discuss what we can do for each other, why it is worth supporting each other, what strength do we have while acting as a group, and how the circle of supporting women affects our careers, businesses, mental and physical health.

Joanna Malinowska - Parzydło
Let's take a moment to a higher level, let's take a look at the world we live in. We live in a free country where women go bareheaded. However, there is a whole group of women in the world who do not have the right to speak, who are deprived of civil rights. And we are exactly half of the world. 4 billion women out of 8 billion people. If we entered into the idea of sisterhood, but understood simply as simple solidarity of women - no ideas, movements, feminism, just simple support of a woman for a woman. If, when the fight for women's rights continues, we would all stand up for fighting women, the world would look different today. We have a huge potential for influence, which we do not use. Each of us has an influence. Each of us can become a micro-influencer by supporting one woman around us, blowing under her wings in need.
Joanna Malinowska - Parzydło says, Bestselling author, mentor, MBA lecturer and Founder of HR Influencers
Let's talk about the great causative power of supporting each other women


  • everyday or temporary sisterhood?
  • do women support each other?
  • sisterhood circles in the villages,
  • relationships with men above women’s ties,


  • we forgive men more,
  • is cooperation with men more profitable?
  • queen bee syndrome,
  • there is no female management style,
  • competition versus support in business,


  • circle of supportive women and its impact on a professional career,
  • health dimension of sisterhood,
  • how shall we support each other?