The digital transformation of the labor market and the upcoming metaverse
Episode #13

The digital transformation of the labor market and the upcoming metaverse

Interview with: Jowita Michalska
President and Founder at Digital University

Imagine an office where the employees are moving from one room to another, sitting and talking with their colleagues laughing, and shaking hands. Nothing unusual, right? Now imagine your office is virtual and your employees are avatars located all over the world.

Thanks to the metaverse, employees from all over the world will have the opportunity to stay in one space and build relationships and social bonds. Virtual onboarding and professional training will become much more engaging when employees implement them on many levels using game technology.

Regardless of whether you like this vision or not, these changes will occur, and in fact, are already there. Therefore, make yourself a cup of coffee and listen to an engaging conversation with Jowita Michalska, the founder, and president of Digital University, who will explain what metaverse and gamification are, as well as provide us with knowledge about the professions and competencies of the future.

Jowita Michalska
Creativity is searching outside of your scheme. We have been thinking about things the same way for twenty years, taking into account the elements that we have at our disposal inside the industry, inside the organization, inside our topic, because we are constantly moving in the same area. We are in marketing, so we think in marketing, or we think finance because we are in finance. We look at our competition and do not go beyond the scheme. And creativity today is that I am patrolling what is happening worldwide. I can observe big tech companies. I wonder what categories they fall into, and what do the people working there use. I go beyond my bubble and meet people who are different from me.
Jowita Michalska, President and Founder at Digital University
Let's dive into the world of the not-too-distant future


  • what is metaverse and what possibilities does it open?
  • metaverse versus remote work,
  • business, and work in a parallel world,
  • avatar versions of ourselves, our alter ego in social media,


  • gamification as a motivating and engaging tool,
  • digital nomads, the “15-minutes co-work” concept, and “workation-hubs”,
  • the increase of importance of asynchronous education,


  • reskilling employees as one of the goals of HR departments,
  • disappearing professions and new specializations in the labor market,
  • competences of the future.