Well-being, how to take care of it among employees
Episode #12

Well-being, how to take care of it among employees

Interview with: Dorota Sawicz
HR Director at Grupa LUX MED

The LUX MED Group is the winner of the main prize in the Puls Biznesu competition “Strength of Attraction 2021” in the strategic approach to wellbeing activities. Together with Dorota, we talk about the pillars of the company’s well-being strategy, programs launched that affect the well-being of employees, professional burnout, and the support that both the company and its employees provide on many levels.

Dorota Sawicz
What we need to teach managers is how to support and manage the mental health of our teams, and our employees. It seems like such an obvious topic, but it is not at all obvious. I often talk to our managers about how to conduct this conversation. This is a delicate and subtle topic, and we, the managers, are not necessarily prepared to have such discussions with our people.
Dorota Sawicz, HR Director at Grupa LUX MED
Let's find out about the recipe for a high level of retention


  • medical, recruitment and financial support,
  • measurable aid program for medical personnel and customer service,


  • the growing number of sick leaves versus the mental condition of employees,
  • how to encourage employees to take care of their mental health?
  • hospital care, a new benefit of the LUX MED Group and its ambassadors,


  • well-being in the workplace,
  • pillars of the wellbeing strategy of the LUX MED Group,
  • tools and methods of influencing the employees’ well-being,
  • building closeness with employees,
  • HR challenges in the medical industry.