Women in business – about equality and the power of women
Episode #17

Women in business – about equality and the power of women

Interview with: Olga Kordys Kozierowska
CEO at Foundation of Success Written with Lipstick

What do we know about gender equality in managerial positions in Poland? What is the situation of women in the public debate? What to work on and where to let go?


I wanted to record a conversation about women in business in a way that will also bring male listeners into the discussion. Because that’s how I imagine diversity and inclusion. Because I believe in changes that can only happen when everyone is committed.


When I sent an interview with Olga Kordys Kozierowska to post-production, I already knew that it contained much more than just statistics and business facts related to gender equality. I guess the ground has been hit, because there will be also the luggage that we take from school and home, prejudices that are often stronger than us, about perfectionism and assertiveness, sisterhood and queen bees, about the voice of women in public debate. About disagreement with the conditions in which we live and which do not help in implementing the expected changes.


“There is one thing we, women, could change. This is resistance and perfectionism related to the fact that when journalists call me, I say: Jesus, I will have to prepare myself! I don’t trust myself enough to go unprepared” Olga says.

Olga Kordys Kozierowska
I think perfectionism also affects the way we work, and you could make this work more effective by focusing on the important things. But the other side of the coin is assertiveness and the ability to reject urgent things that are important to other people. When I talk about assertiveness, I often hear from women in high positions that it is uncultured or rude communication. This is the only proper communication. Another thing is either going to the victim, that is, you force me and I agree, or going into the aggressor. It is important to be able to discard things that are not mine and do not bring me any closer to my result. Perfectionism also makes us want something perfect, and the best is the enemy of the good. And this is something that my own business has taught me.
Olga Kordys Kozierowska, CEO at Foundation of Success Written with Lipstick
Let's talk about how the business world is organized and how much more we are able to change.


  • participation of women in the Polish labor market,
  • percentage drop of women on company boards,
  • work or family – do we still have to choose?
  • “Ik ben Peter Kozierowska en Peter Ciesielska”


  • gender parity in recruitment processes for managerial positions,
  • men fighting for gender equality,
  • strengthening the position of women in public debate,
  • Am i enough? – how female experts position themselves,


  • unconscious educational stereotypes,
  • we start the changes with ourselves,
  • queen bee syndrome,
  • networking and building a personal brand.