Women in IT, industry characteristics, trends and opportunities
Episode #14

Women in IT, industry characteristics, trends and opportunities

Interview with: Maria Janiszewska
Country Manager at RITS

“This is a man’s world?” sings James Brown, and me and my guest in the “HR on Wings” podcast “Skrzydlaty HR” – Maria Janiszewska, wonder if the lyrics of this song should be applied to the IT industry. What is the industry entry threshold? Is technical education a must-have? Are IT employers interested in building diverse teams? However, what sounds the strongest in this conversation, is the enormous support and encouragement for girls and women to boldly reach for topics that interest them and set themselves ambitious goals.

Maria Janiszewska
At the Women in Tech Summit conference, a girl approaches me. She says she is a nurse, and although she loves math and would like to go into IT. She has been told, however, all her life that she is not fit for it, that she should not be interested in engines, computer science, or technical subjects because it is for boys. She heard it from her own teachers. How can a girl then take this very brave step for her, abandon the assigned role and go in the direction she wants? That's why I keep trying to tell these girls - don't be afraid, try! There will be no better time to enter IT.
Maria Janiszewska, Country Manager at RITS and co-founder at Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Feel invited to travel around the IT world, as this world is keeping the door wide open - for you


  • competency gap versus growing salaries,
  • juniors knocking on employers’ doors,
  • developers on the managerial path,
  • investments in talents,


  • evaluation of technical and soft skills,
  • the most important soft competencies,
  • motivation to change jobs,

22:37 – WOMEN IN IT

  • supporting women in the transformation process,
  • directions and areas of technical development of women,
  • does the lack of technical education close the door?
  • the salaries of women in IT,
  • how to increase the participation of women in the public debate?