August 03, 2020
Business Superbrands

When I founded Carpenter Consulting in 2005, I was a head hunter with several months of experience, having no name in the industry and no clients. I entered the market blindly, not knowing the strength of my competitors.

However, at that time, I haven’t seen any risks, instead, I had a lot of bold ideas and the belief, that I was able to conquer the world. And most importantly – I loved recruitment with all my heart. I decided to arrange three business meetings with prospective clients and depending on the results, open my own firm or leave the idea. And so I have signed the contract with one of the prospects.

The beginnings on my own were very difficult. I had to build a name and reputation, and gain experience, and the trust of the clients. I achieved that having no background, or external support. I gained 5 kilos, comforting myself with the chocolate candy (Michałek), after each failed phone call to the client.

Today I still have 5 kilos plus;) but I gained the expertise and experience, which I have been consistently growing day after day, building a group of fantastic clients and having a chance to learn professional stories of exceptional people – my candidates.

Today, I am proud to announce, that Carpenter Consulting was titled – Business Superbrands 2020, among the strongest business brands on the Polish market, like KPMG, McKinsey, IKEA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Volvo, TVN, Danone and others.

The comprehensive review of Polish business brands was performed by experts of the Leviathan Confederation, Poland’s most influential business organization, representing employers across Poland and the European Union. The choose the recipients of this year’s Business Superbrand titles, bestowed on brands that excel in terms of strength, recognizability, stability, and success, the Confederation’s experts appraised the brands’ market position in Poland, their quality of service and B2B relationships, innovativeness, and CSR efforts.

The leaders of this year’s Business Superbrands ranking included large corporate brands, such as P&G, Ikea, Continental, and the Lotos Group, as well as brands providing services in the “Consulting, Law, HR” category to business clients, where Carpenter Consulting was recognized alongside companies such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG, or McKinsey.

It is incredibly humbling to find ourselves in such remarkable company. Being recognized as a 2020 Business Superbrand is a great honor and we will do our utmost to continue providing the highest level of executive recruitment services across Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine, where we have spent the past dozen years successfully identifying leaders and leadership talent. Thank you.

Business Superbrands is an independent organization promoting the idea of brand identity, awarding and presenting case studies of successful brands. Established in 1994 in Great Britain, it is currently present in over 80 countries.

Since 2004, the Superbrands initiative has also been supporting the local economy and Polish entrepreneurship. Every year, the initiative identifies leading business and consumer brands operating in the Polish market.