June 18, 2023

Forbes Conference “We care about sustainable development”

What do you expect from your future employer?

A study by global recruitment firm Robert Walters indicates that 34% of UK office workers would turn down a job offer if the company’s values on the environment, sustainability or climate control did not align with their own.

In the United States, the percentage is even higher (41%). France and Chile (53%) top the list, closely followed by Switzerland (52%). Poland is far beyond the top 20.


In the fight for sustainable development, which also includes building inclusive organizational cultures that nurture gender, cultural and age diversity, we started a discussion as part of the Sustainable Development Forum 2023 organized by Forbes Polska. Magdalena Krukowska asked the panellists many difficult questions and did not let them escape from the answers.

In the photo, Milena Olszewska-Miszuris, Founder of 30% of Club Poland, and I, in the fire of questions in the panel “Diversity & inclusion and other trends in human capital management”.