September 12, 2021

“Corporate Wellness Strengthens the Condition of Firms”

– It is preferable to find a balance between improving and expanding the business, with an emphasis on innovation, growth, research, and development, and inspiring and pushing people to grow, providing diversity, and building belonging. Organizations that skillfully build a sense of belonging record six times higher revenues than those that do not – says Monika Ciesielska, founder of Carpenter Consulting, president of the global headhunting organization IMSA Search Global Partners.

In this respect, the pandemic for some companies became, paradoxically, an impulse for development, when it turned out that, forced to invest in the mental care of employees, they introduced strategic changes in people management.

The organizations do have an understanding of the various family situations of their employees, therefore enable them to choose the form and manner of performing the work, and represent a flexible approach to the hours and location of the workplace. As an example, Master Card has offered 10 additional paid vacation days to those employees who need to look after children or the elderly, and increased parental leave, fully paid, of up to 16 weeks for minor children.

Philip Morris, in turn, who places great emphasis on the lack of exclusion in his organization, proposed the Happy Parents program. The program protects the interests of parents on maternity or parental leave, by providing them with a raise, if any, during their absence, and by allowing them to work part-time for the first month after returning to work at 100% salary.


As Monika Ciesielska emphasizes, it is mental security, trust, and transparency that have become the most important conditions for the well-being of teams, and not, as it was believed, a good working atmosphere and job stability.

– Employees want to feel that if they work too hard or don’t get along with their boss, they have the option of approaching someone who will listen to them and not being punished for raising the topic. They want to have space and freedom to talk about their fears, which on the one hand reduces stress, and on the other, leads to the development of optimal solutions for the company – says Ciesielska.

Full text of the article: Forbes 9/2021. Author: Magdalena Krukowska