October 14, 2013

Corporation versus own business

Corporations evoke extreme emotions: for some, they are associated with slavery, for others they mean a safe enclave. There are many more positive connotations to running your own business, but not everyone has to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, the key to professional success lies in the right choice.

However, if someone is not sure which group he belongs to (pro or anti-corporate), he should try his hand at a large organization, otherwise he may not find out. Such an attempt may not only make it easier for him to decide about his future, but also give him a lot of valuable experience that he might not have gained outside the walls of a large company.

– Corporations give access to know-how, training, and enable cooperation with people from whom you can learn a lot and with whom you can exchange knowledge. When we run our own business, such an intensity of information exchange does not occur. And this is an extremely valuable thing – Monika Ciesielska says.

Therefore, it is worth visiting a corporation even when you are aware that you are not designed to spend several dozen hours a week in a multi-storey office building. This also applies to people who plan to become entrepreneurs. – Before we decide to start our own business, it may be worth working for a few years in a corporation. This can save us from making many mistakes, allow us to understand business mechanisms, teach work organization, the proper approach to the customer, or care for product quality. Of course, we can learn it ourselves, but acquiring this knowledge can be very expensive for us – advises Monika Ciesielska.

The full text of the article by Krzysztof Domaradzki is available on Forbes.pl