June 26, 2023

Honesty in recruitment

Can honesty in a job interview pay off? Yet how! By setting high standards of communication, we contribute to building trust with a potential employer from the very beginning. There is nothing wrong with presenting yourself from the “better” side, but you absolutely must not stray from the facts for this purpose. Especially since recruiters know many methods to effectively verify our truthfulness.

A few weeks ago, Magdalena Desperak from Rocket Jobs knocked on my door and asked about honesty during an interview. In the article, which was based, among others, on the basis of my recruitment experience, you will find the following quote:

It’s best to be honest about career breaks. Is there anything wrong with wanting to take a rest or travel break? Is it negative that we looked for a job longer because we wanted to make a good decision for ourselves? The candidate’s professional history is always an individual story that should be presented in a broad context. The way we talk about our career and how we put it in a personal context allows the recruiter to get to know the candidate better and understand his professional choices. Let’s open up to an honest conversation and be authentic in it. After all, recruiters are people too.

Candidates tend to embellish during interviews. However, they should know that some of the information provided to the recruiter will be verified after the end of the interview or during it.

The full text of the article is available at this link – rocketspace.pl