June 08, 2020
Hunt Scanlon

How C-Level managers are looking for jobs

COVID-19 took everyone by surprise, wreaking havoc not only in terms of health but also in terms of work. Only a few months back, business leaders were making strategic decisions about their company’s development and outlined competencies to be filled in recruitment processes. Today, in many industries, strategic decisions are still being made, but they often concern completely different areas.

“Both my colleagues and myself are currently receiving far more calls from candidates than from clients,” said Monika Ciesielska, president of IMSA Search Global Partners, in a new report. “Representatives of both groups are often the same people: CEOs and HR managers who have changed the role of the client to that of the candidate.”

Networking and Recommendations

“There is no stronger tool in the job search process, as well as in the process of finding candidates in the recruitment processes commissioned to headhunters, than market recommendations,” Ms. Ciesielska said. “An effective headhunter recruiting at higher levels relies primarily on a network of contacts built up over years, from which they gather recommendations of the strongest candidates in the market. For example, my network on LinkedIn is made up of 27,000 connections. Do I know all these people? Of course not, but I know those to whom I will be returning with professional offers, and these are representatives of management staff, as well as those whom I will ask for recommendations now or in the future.”

The Networking Tree

“Many years ago, I participated in a training course during which I learned the term networking tree,” Ms. Ciesielska said. “The use of the networking tree is about reaching the decision-maker in a company that is of interest directly, using the people connected to it.”

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