July 01, 2022
Hunt Scanlon

IMSA Search ranked in the Global40 by Hunt Scanlon

When I look back to 2010, when I became a Partner at IMSA Search Global Partners, I remember how thankful I was to the group of people who trusted my potential, above my growing expertise, and invited me to become their partner. I’ve learned and grown together with the IMSA Search both, as a c-level recruitment consultant, and as a leader.

It makes me so proud today, to lead and grow IMSA Search as its President, hand in hand with the amazing Board consisting of Marianna Carbonari, Jerry Chang, Mitchell Berger, and Stig-Rune Reese.

Congratulations to all my Partners spread around 51 offices in 29 countries, for the continued growth as one of Global40 top talent providers, that now dominate the recruiting business worldwide!