May 16, 2017
Gazeta Finansowa

Individual career development plan – the dream peak of middle and senior management

During interviews with employees for managerial positions, one of the interesting questions is the motivation to change jobs. The answer that is most often asked is the possibility of professional development and the challenges that the organization presents to the newly hired person. By deepening the thread of development mentioned by the candidate, we come straight to individual improvement plans, in which managers see many benefits for themselves.

The decision to select a candidate to be included in the individual development program is dictated by the observation of human resources and a thorough assessment of competencies, which is to determine their level. The company’s decision-makers indicate interesting employees whose job evaluation is high and who have the potential to take the dream role. Recruitment inside the company is very often announced and managers who have submitted their candidatures are added to the list of candidates. Of course, provided that they are in line with the basic assumptions. Additionally, the company uses market resources, i.e. external candidates recommended by the headhunting company.