September 23, 2013
Gazeta Prawna

Work-life balance. Idea versus reality

In an interview with Monika Ciesielska, Robert Olesiński from Dziennik Gazeta Prawna confronts our idea of ​​work-life balance with reality.

Robert Olesińśki: Do employers approach this search for balance with understanding? However, would they prefer the employee to devote himself to the work of the company in an exceptional way?

Monika Ciesielska: Employers expect efficient, not overworked employees. It is more and more often frowned upon if an employee stays at work overtime. The tasks received should be completed during an 8-hour working day, and then the employee should leave the “workplace” and spend time with family, friends, and physical or mental activity, depending on preferences and wishes. In fact, it can be different, but the higher the management level, the greater the emphasis is on the balance between professional and private life. Directors and managers are people who care not only about mental development but also about physical condition. What we do in our spare time will always matter in building and developing a business. Business relationships are best built on the basis of shared passions and interests, e.g. horse riding, aviation, golf or tennis.

Robert Olesińśki: Should the employer organize work in the company in a special way so that the work-life balance principle could be respected?

Monika Ciesielska: This would be the right course of action. Having well-rested employees, the employer has a better chance of effective implementation of tasks, a high degree of creativity and dynamic development of the company, of which people are an integral part. An exhausted employee will perform fewer tasks, with a loss of quality, because he will have problems with concentration, he will lose perception, and when implementing projects, he will not be able to cope with the pace imposed by his teammates who care about their condition. Increasingly, companies, regardless of their size and origin, apply the school bell principle. After 8 hours of work, they announce a freak. From the candidates’ stories, I know that the president of the company can drop by the accounting department at 5:10 pm asking the accountant why they are still working and whether it means that they are not able to perform the tasks entrusted to them during their regular working hours.

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