A man versus AI
Episode #27

A man versus AI

Interview with: Zofia Dzik
Innovator, Founder/ Humanites Institute

Technological progress is a phenomenon that we have been dealing with for hundreds of years. This time, however, we experience it at an express pace and with high intensity in many spheres of life. We feel subcutaneously that ChatGPT is just the beginning of changes, the consequences of which we cannot foresee or understand in the long run.

The interview with Zofia Dzik is devoted to new technologies in terms of man versus artificial intelligence. In it, I will answer, among other things, the question – who, not “what”, is a man in a painful collision with the speeding machine of technological progress? Painful now, and this is only the beginning. After this conversation, a lot of reflection will come to you and you will want to put on the brake, or at least reduce the gear.

Zofia Dzik
Let's not give subjectivity to tools. They were created by people to support people, not to reduce them to an objective situation. One of the most important competences of the future is the area of internal controllability, i.e. such an internal compass. The faster the world changes, the faster we run, the more important our foundation is - who we are, what builds our self-esteem. We should have the space to say "yes" to something and say "no" to something. We do not want to reduce man to the level of a thoughtless being. We want to create a space where a person does not stop thinking, but also does not stop loving.
Zofia Dzik says, Innovator, Founder/ Humanites Institute
Am I the one who sets the rhythm of technological progress? Do I have no choice but to go with the flow? Listen to the episode.


  • awareness of the dangers and impact of AI on our lives,
  • will corporations and big-tech take care of our security?
  • will we need a vaccine against AI?


  • are we re-skilling fast enough?
  • are we heading towards a world without work? what will this world look like?
  • loneliness and depression versus a 4-day work week,


  • we need courageous leaders – do we also need wise and courageous parents?
  • how not to lose the main goal that should guide education – the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills of people?
  • a school is like its principal,


  • we employ a multidimensional person, not an employee,
  • tunnel development – what is important to me in life?
  • we live in an “everything, everywhere, at once” world.