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The Great Resignation – why do the employees leave?

Maja Chabińska-Rossakowska

Head of HR at ING Bank Śląski

Some people have the amazing gift of saying important things in a way that hits the nail on the head, invites self-reflection, and encourages action. Maja can be listened to compulsively. We talk about generational changes…

January 11, 2022

HR Compliance in the era of hybrid work

Att. Sławomir Paruch

Partner at PCS I Littler Global

Despite promises made by the government, hybrid work has not yet been regulated by law. The situation raises many legal doubts to the employers, but also gives them a margin of discretion to establish internal…

December 16, 2021

Building a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

Anita Rogalska

Director People & Culture, Poland & Baltics at Philip Morris International

How to make a business transformation and at the same time not lose the organizational culture built over the years, and even enrich it with ingredients necessary to build…

November 23, 2021

Performance Management

Andrzej Borczyk

HR Director at Grupa Żywiec

Performance Management, contrary to appearances, is not a topic based on numbers, settlements, and summaries. Not any more. The new approach, used by organizations aware of the changes taking place, is based on cooperation…

November 09, 2021

Human-centric Leadership

Marzena Mielecka

HR Director at Bank Pekao S.A.

I couldn’t have picked a better guy for the first episode of the podcast, as you’ll admit to me after listening to this inspiring conversation. Marzena Mielecka shares her very interesting thoughts on leadership in an…

September 23, 2021