July 14, 2015


The corporation is not a prison, you can get out of it. It’s just hard to come back. So why do people leave?

– Some because they feel underappreciated, overworked, and discouraged. And the others, because they started to believe in themselves. Work in a corporation, apart from being tiring, also develops. – They think: if I can do well in such a large company, then I will do even more in a small one. They change jobs or start their own business, but it turns out that the experience gained in a corporation is not enough to be successful.

– In a corporation, you were responsible only for marketing or only for sales. In your own company, you have to do everything by yourself, and sometimes the day is simply too short – says Monika Ciesielska, headhunter, and president of Carpenter Consulting. She worked in corporations, later as a freelancer, and now at her own company. She has found that each of these forms has both advantages and disadvantages.

The article written by Małgorzata Święchowicz is available HERE